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About Us

We provide dedicated personal support to people in charity, sustainability, the creative arts and social movements, and we do it on a budget scale. Our mission is to provide high quality professional support for a smaller fee, because we want to help you create a different, more compassionate world, for our colleagues, friends, loved ones, neighbours, and future society.

How to achieve your mission

Consider this... 

Coaching has a 221% return on investment. 
(International Society for Performance Improvement)

If you invest in coaching, you expand, profit, and reach a greater audience. 

It's that simple.

Plus we do it all on a budget scale, because we want to help people who help people.

If you're a sustainable business, charity, arts org., or social movement, invest in your staff, your team, and your leader(s).

Guarantee your progress.

Training we offer

How we do it

It's a simple 4-step process...

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First we take a snapshot of your situation. We ask you 12 key questions to ascertain precisely what you need for your personal, professional, team or business development. We create our brief together.

From marketing aesthetics to workplace wellbeing, we know what exercises work. That said, your situation is always unique, so we take the opportunity to research, create, and integrate new exercises, to ensure you get the desired result.

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Whether you're an individual or a team, we become your professional advocate and walk you through it, step-by-step. One-to-ones, workshops, progress reports, peers support - whatever you need.

Whether we're coming to the end our engagement with you, or looking forward to the next session, we always collect important feedback, so we know how to better tailor it to your needs, to keep increasing your ROI

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4. Feedback

But before you commit to anything

Call us.


Let's have a free 30-minute chat.

Tell us about your mission. 


How's it going so far?

How have you grown as a business, charity, arts organisation, or social movement? What's getting in the way of future growth? 

You know better than most people: the world is at a turning point. 

You're here to help, but you're vying for clicks, donations, funding, investment, support, and public awareness.

It's never easy.

We specialise in training organisations to develop who they are internally, as well as their public image.

Take us up on a budget taster session.

Make incredible gains in just a couple of hours.

Let us invigorate your management, staff or key stakeholders. 


Let us reconnect you and your team with your core brand values.


Set goals.

Develop your image, your tone of voice.


Take action. 

If you like what we do, we'll work with you over a 3, 6, or 12 month period and help you maximise and monitor your outreach and progress. 

Don't leave anything to chance.

Write your own history.

Make your next pages

a Defining Chapter.