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We make coaching and training affordable for people in charity, sustainability, or the creative arts. We're qualified coaches, copywriters and workshop hosts, and we work with Teams, CEOs, leaders, individuals, activists, stakeholders - anybody who wants to create a different, more compassionate world, for their loved ones, neighbours, and future society.

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We specialise in training organisations to develop who they are internally, as well as their public image.

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(Toast Ale)

"Just had an incredible 3-hour team-training workshop with Sean at Defining Chapter. Looked at our founding values, used creative brainstorming techniques, massively bonded as a team, and somehow also managed to communicate more effectively whilst getting to the know the ins and outs of our various departments. We achieved so much in a single session - can't recomnend them highly enough!



"Defining Chapter helped me and my colleagues through the process of creating and refining content for a series of ESL textbooks - the motivation and creative input he inspired in our team led to the project being a huge success. highly recommended!"


Founder & Public Speaker

"Working with Defining Chapter, I was able to quickly develop some elegant and engaging website copy for the academic/policy institute that I run. In addition, I was helped to refine my ideas for a TED talk application, and to embark upon the next stages of my professional journey with greater clarity. I would highly recommend them to anyone!"