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At Defining Chapter, we offer bespoke, one-to-one coaching for mental wellbeing, career direction or performance, relationship issues, and creative expression. 


We work with people who feel they're stuck, who know what they need to do in life or business, but can’t seem to do it. 

For us, empathy and compassion are crucial. So this is how we treat you.


We also use our professional training, with models from CBT, transactional analysis, narrative coaching, and therapeutic journalling, to help you work through your issues, discover your true vision or sense of purpose, and make radical new plans for a new kind of life, creativity, or career. 


We work with people struggling with motivation, procrastination, ability to communicate effectively, issues with self-confidence, fuzzy thinking, lack of vision or productivity. 


We work with mums, dads, CEOs, start-ups, students, charities, speakers, artists, writers, scientists, people out of work, people in work, in business… and people of all ages and backgrounds.


Whoever you are, please be in contact to see if we can help.


meet the coach



Hi! I'm Sean. I'm an Animas qualified coach with 7+ years experience hosting workshops on motivation, anxiety, creativity, and procrastination. I also coach people one-to-one, for career development, creative and professional projects, relationship issues, and emotional blockages. I founded Defining Chapter because I wanted to bring a sense of community, creativity, and compassion into everyday public life. Whoever you are, I’d love to connect and see how we can work together!