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We want nothing less than to change the world. To make the economy, business, and life more sustainable. To help those less fortunate. To reach out, invigorate, and bring a sense of community, compassion, and creativity to modern enterprise. 

We hail from the realms of coaching, community organising, copywriting, workshop facilitating, and therapeutic journaling. 

We garner wisdom from each of these fields. We fuse it all to create a space and exercises, to transform entities dedicated to the same aims and principles as us.

Our mission is to deliver life-defining workshops to charities and sustainable businesses. To intervene at crucial moments, to help you discover precise methods, to expand and grow.


It is to be part of a movement together, towards a cleaner, more conscious society.


Our Story

We have been hosting workshops for years. We started out with 2-hour support group sessions for people struggling with mental health. Then we branched out to host creative and therapeutic writing sessions. We finally trained as coaches and began honing our niche: to help those who want to help others. So now we design all of our coaching workshops and one-to-ones, with this in mind. We use writing exercises, group and pair coaching exercises, and general team building principles to enhance the internal production of charities, sustainable businesses, arts organisations and social movements.

Our Values

Community. From staff and stakeholders to wider society.

Compassion. Authentic listening to discover what you really need.

Creativity. The beating heart of all progress and innovation.

Our Team

We work with a diverse range of qualified coaches, writers, organisers, and community leaders. Whilst we're principally a coaching organisation, we're happy to connect you with people who can help you develop your comms. and content, as well.



Our group sessions are designed to lift your morale. They're bespoke and can be used for specific ends: to help your team better connect with your brand values, generate ideas around some copy or content, envisage PR events, brainstorm strategies for consumer engagement, stakeholder awareness, make profound weekly plans, and be held accountable + whatever else your team needs help with.


Our one-to-one sessions are designed to empower a single person. We know from experience this has a knock on effect. We aim to increase the confidence, creativity, and productivity of the individual, and thereby to improve their performance, integration, and effect on others in the workplace. 


In the past we've written for publishers, educational platforms, voucher companies, political institutions - you name it. Now we work exclusively with sustainable brands, charities, arts organisations, and social movements, to align with our true passions. Our website copy is designed to help you tell your story more clearly, with more energy, to activate your audience and revolutionise everything from your website content to your ads, pickets and pamphlets.

Meet The Founder



Hi! I'm Sean. I'm an Animas qualified coach with 7+ years experience hosting workshops in creative expression, wellbeing, tone of voice, and productivity. I also coach people one-to-one, for career development, creative and professional projects, relationship issues, and emotional blockages. I founded Defining Chapter because I wanted to help other likeminded leaders bring community, creativity, and compassion into everyday public life. If this is you, don't hesitate to get in contact. I'd love to hear your story.

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