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Racial Inclusivity

Create awareness, openness, compassion.

Nobody's perfect. We all need help understanding the issues. Get us in for a no judgement upgrade on your racial awareness

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We live in a diverse country... in a diverse and interconnected world. 

Racial issues affect everybody, from your team members to your stakeholders, to your core customer base. 

For people of colour, there are a whole variety of unconscious barriers to a successful, happy life at work. For others, these things might be difficult to understand, to "see", or to know how to remedy.

Let's give the issues the attention they deserve. Invite us in and, in a friendly, no-judgement way, we'll help you: 

  • Understand and prevent unconscious bias

  • Foster more loving and productive bonds at work

  • Get your language, from the boardroom to the site slogan, speaking to everybody, no matter their heritage

  • Ensure ethnic minority team members are heard, valued, and receive the same opportunities

  • Better connect with a diverse customer base or audience

  • Foster an anti-discrimination culture in your workplace

  • Turn any subconscious doubts and fears into opportunities for profound social growth, as a team

According to the UK government, 80.5% of the people in the United Kingdom identify as "white British". 

Awareness of racial issues is on the rise and, coincidentally, 80% of workers nowadays report that they want to work for an inclusive company. 

It has been suggested that13% of employees keep a conscious track of how their managers deal with issues regarding race. 

But getting this right isn't about being watched, monitored, or tracked. It's all about opening things up. Making sure we all learn new ideas, new language, making sure that nobody has to face discrimination (or if they do, that they can be heard, valued, and taken seriously). 

It is also about making your entire team a happier, better functioning unit, by tackling this head on. 


Diverse management has been shown to increase revenue by 19 percent, while more than 3 out of 4 workers prefer to work for a diverse company


Whether you have a varied ethnic background to your team or not, take the time to listen to the world emerging. 

Learn to value the diverse wants, needs, and experiences of an increasingly diverse populace and customer base.

Take action on the feedback from you've received from ethnic minority stakeholders. 

Gather the team. Let us help you workshop it, embrace listening, learning, and developing your knowledge. 

Receive the two-pronged benefit of 1) tapping into a bigger "marketplace of ideas", i.e. learning from your ethnic minority members that which you can't learn elsewhere, and 2) producing a warm, loving, inclusive environment, in which everybody in your team can thrive. 

Be in contact for a free 15-minute consultation. Tell us what you're struggling with, or what you're hoping to achieve.


We'll be more than happy to help.

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