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Expand your thinking. Create new solutions.

Your team is a pool of wisdom. Engage them all. Utilise their creative thinking to get the money flowing. Let nothing hold you back.


Perhaps you're relying too much, or solely, on donations and uninspired partnerships. Perhaps you have key individual investors jumping ship.

If your donors are becoming disinterested and losing a sense of connection to your brand you need to take action now to change this. 

Let us help you:

  • Explore your fundraising options

  • Involve the whole team to...

  • Creatively brainstorm a new set of options

  • Create SMART goals for their implementation

  • Set fundraising targets

  • Actively engage your existing networks and communities to get up and running NOW!

For people who genuinely care about the planet, equality, social justice, and/or the creative arts, money is always an issue. 

Being authentic to your mission and values, and meanwhile battling the pressures of a ruthless, profit-driven marketplace, with stiff competition, from corporate giants to clickbait to planned obsolescence... it 's tough.  

And it's easy to become cynical or apathetic. 

This is why it's our mission to provide affordable workshops, to help you create a burst of new energy, new ideas, to get each and every team member thinking creatively, strategising, brainstorming, until you have a concrete, step-by-step plan, a positive collective will, for the long-term betterment of your fundraising strategy. 


Overall giving grew 4.1% over the past year, the 6th consecutive year of growth.

How can you receive your fair share of this?


It's all good having a strategic mind among your personnel, but tapping the collective pool of wisdom is where you'll find the most imaginative solutions.

What's more, you'll create ever more passionate advocates of your mission among your staff.

If you're team a leader, business founder, CEO, or anyone else at the helm, take the pressure off your shoulders and let your team lead.

We'll create a bespoke workshop with the precise details of your dilemma in mind. Try us out. If you like what we do, enlist us to work with you over 3, 6 , or 12 months, to revolutionise your funding strategy.

We understand it may seem paradoxical spending money when you're already struggling. This is why we 1) want to track, monitor, and guarantee your progress towards greater funds, and 2) endeavour to make our workshops more and more affordable the longer you choose to stick with us.


Check out our pricing plan. Enlist us for a budget taster workshop. Achieve MASSIVE amounts in the first session.


First, get in touch for a free 15-minute chat to see if you think we can help. 

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