Plans & Pricing

We're a budget training option for sustainables, charities, arts orgs, and social movements. 

Can you afford to train your staff?


We guarantee you can. Because 1) you'll likely increase your profits in the process, and 2) we work on the basis of affordability - within your budget - with payment plans to suit your needs.

Be in touch. We pride ourselves on having open, honest conversations about what could work for you. 


One-to-One Business or Career Coaching


Business coaching in the UK usually costs approx. £150 to £350 per hourly session. 

We radically undercut our corporate competitors.


Coaching with us costs:

£1020 for a 3-month package (that's only £85 per session)

£1800 for a 6-month overhaul (that's only £75 per session)

Benefit from our "Role-Builder Workbook", designed to help you expand your position in the team, create goals, be more productive and genuinely happy in your position. 

One-to-one coaching can help you:

  • Increase confidence

  • Plan projects

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Build confidence

  • Write CVs

  • Write cover letters

  • Write better emails

  • Generate creative content

  • Brainstorm next steps

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase wellbeing

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Alleviate stress and/or anxiety

  • Find a new job or position

  • Disentangle emotional dilemmas 

  • Discover a sense of career or life purpose

  • + Anything else you'd like to use the time for!



A standard business training workshop in the UK would usually be somewhere between £750 and £3000.

Training with us costs only:

£350 per session (if you choose our 12-month package)

£450 per session (if you choose our 6-month package)

£550 per session (if you choose our 3-month package) 

£600 per session (if you'd just like a bespoke one-off, all-day workshop)

+ between our training session we like to coach your team leader... for FREE! This helps us reflect on the experience and consolidate your gains.

Male and female creative students listen
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If you're a start-up, small business, charity, arts org., or social movement, it's quite possible training and coaching is beyond your budget.

This is why we also work on the basis of affordability.

Take us up on a completely FREE coaching session (team leaders only) and let us show you how quickly you can make gains. 

If you haven't had business coaching before, why not take the leap. In a single free session, we guarantee you'll be full of new energy and ideas. 

If you have a low budget as a business, this will also be a great opportunity to discuss what you can afford, and how we can make this work for you.

+ If you're unsure how our group coaching sessions might work, book us for only £250 for a taster session + a free 1 hour of team leader business coaching (to see if you like what we do).