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Values Training

Create a vivid, unified, hyper-productive team

Revisit your values. Get your team brainstorming. Emerge fresh, with a new values-based productivity

  • Revisit your values

  • Change or refine them, or...

  • See how they're currently being implemented in every department

  • Create team-wide awareness of your values

  • Have team members creatively imagine new, improved ways to implement them

  • Create blueprints and definitive, action-based plans on how to make this happen

  • Produce a values-based public image

  • Get your team writing mission statements, slogans, poems, adverts, characters, and website copy with these values in mind.

  • Teach them how to integrate your values in their interactions with each other

  • Turn your employees into bright, informed, brand advocates

  • Start a new chapter in your business with your core values at the beating heart of everything you do.

What are your founding values? How often do you and your team talk about them?


Values are crucial to who you are. They're what give you substance, and edge over competition. They should be there, ever present in your daily interactions. But most of the time employees don't even know what they are, let alone creatively implement them.

You may have started out with the best intentions. You may have written a beautiful, definitive statement and published it on your website. But the day-to-day administration of everything you do inevitably muddies the water. 

Presently, 63% of people say they want to buy products and services from companies that have a purpose that resonates with their values and beliefs. As the world becomes more socially conscious, this number will only increase.

So get everybody from your marketing officer to your strategy chief, you COO to your CFO, living and breathing the values that make you who you are. 


This is about the growth of your business or charity.


74% of employees feel they aren’t reaching full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities.

Train them. Teach them. Let them express themselves.

Your values - your projects - will come to life.


Join us for a bespoke creative coaching session on your founding values. Get 3 hours of professional training for you and your team at the introductory price of just £250. 

If you like what we do, let's take it to the next level. Let us design a bespoke series of value-based training sessions, to help re-engage your client base, your audience, stakeholders, and wider public, massively expand your outreach, and truly deliver on your mission. 

Our values workshop also involve general coaching, SMART goals, and wellbeing boosters, so we guarantee you'll come away with huge practical value for every member of your team.

Be in contact for a FREE consultation on all of the above. With no obligation to take us up on any of our services, we'll be happy to offer some ideas about how to invigorate your team.

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