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Creative Coaching

Take the pressure off. Let your team lead the way

Stop creating work for yourself, needing to be everywhere at once, to have the final say, to be right. Coach your team and let them lead organically within.

  • Invite Defining Chapter into your business.

  • Let us design a series of workshops tailored to your organisational values.

  • Teach your team members the basic tenets of creative communication.

  • Teach them how to coach each other.

  • Let them educate each other on their various roles.

  • Let them brainstorm solutions with each other.

  • Define weekly, monthly, yearly goals together.

  • Then go away with a new, more productive way of relating to your work.

Coaching offers a 221% return on investment. To not have coaching simply doesn't make sense. 

"It's expensive though!"

Yes, it can be. But at Defining Chapter, we're committed to helping people who's values align with our own. We only work with these people. 

This is why we offer business coaching on a budget scale. 

+ What we really want to do is help you install a coaching culture in your workplace, so that your team members are trained to coach each other. 


This is about the growth of your business or charity.

According to the International Society for Performance Improvement, coaching has a 221% ROI in this context.


Let us teach you the basics of coaching. Let us design a bespoke series of sessions that revolve around your organisational values.

If you're a team leader, this is your opportunity to take the weight off your shoulders, reduce your workload, reduce your stress, and actually empower your staff in the process.

Teach them to coach each other and they will lead the way.

Contact us for a budget taster session (only £350 for up to 12 people) or a FREE 30-minute consultation call to see what we're about. A single meeting can make all the difference.

If you like what we do, we will be happy to design a 3- to 6-month programme to help you ensure the rapid growth of your charity or business.

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